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Due to me been out of the country at the moment, A lady 'Amy' is managing the orders around a full time job and she try's to get these out as quick and efficient as possible and is doing a great job. They will all aim to go out on a Tuesday and a Saturday. If for any reason you have a problem with your order or need one posting very urgent then please contact us via the live chat and we will be more than happy to help. Thank you for understanding the current situation and been patient.

The Vortex !


At The Vortex, our ethos centers on recalibrating the body to its prime form. We emphasize two fundamental principles: shielding your biomagnetic field,primarily using top grade Elite Shungite, and initiating a comprehensive two-stage zeolite detox to purge heavy metals. This dual-action ensures your health and wellbeing thrive amidst modern challenges.

Every Vortex Pendant crafted by Richard embodies a blend of very high quality Elite Shungite, a magnetic vortex coils (except kids version), and a mix of crystals. These help protect the electromagnetic field surrounding us, known as the biofield or aura. These pendants serve not only as EMF shielding but also as tools for crystal energy enhancement and each one holds its own very unique energy.

Given the influx of external influences, particularly the increasing EMF frequencies, our holistic approach to electromagnetic protection is timely. Another prominent concern is the presence of toxic metals in our systems, an unfortunate byproduct of our environment. Both challenges—EMF radiation and heavy metal elements—pose a significant risk to our overall health, making protective measures and natural detoxification essential.


Click here to read more information on how a heavy metal detox will improve your life on a scale you could never imagine !

Richard's commitment to helping people with this knowledge is unwavering. Almost a decade ago, he began crafting Vortex pendants as a hobby alongside his primary job. But destiny had other plans and the demand for these Vortex  Pendants made from Elite Shungite became so overwhelming that Richard transitioned into this role full time, following his life's mission. Today, Vortex pendants adorn individuals worldwide, and every wearer connects to a Shungite grid, amplifying the shared awareness and collective consciousness of our planet.

In these challenging times, balancing physical wellness and the aura  and biomagnetic field is paramount. The Vortex is your partner in this journey, offering solutions to harmonize both the mind and body amidst the cacophony of environmental elements.

Your Vortex Pendant will choose you and you will know from the moment you see it but for those seeking guidance, our live chat is always available. Let us help you resonate with the right energy you are needing at this current time !

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