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Elite Shungite Quantum Tabs that will help protect from the dangerous frequency's that are emitted from wifi, laptops and mobile phones etc.

Wifi frequncy's spin in an anti clockwise direction and they very harmful causing allsorts of imlications to the human body, Elite Shungite Quantum Tabs reverse the local frequency and spins it clockwise so the frequency's are more biocompatible to the human body!

All electronic frequency’s create and imbalance in magnetic fields and using Elite Shungite Quantum Tabs it will bring these frequency’s back into balance and they are no longer harmful.

These can be applied to mobile phone, tablets, iPads, computers, laptops, WiFi router and basically anything that gives off and EMF frequency !

Just peel back the stick and apply, when applying please hold down for 20 second so it bonds to the device it has been applied to.

Elite Shungite, Magnetite, Sterling Silver Quantum EMF Protectors

  • All the pendants i make do contain magnets , please do not wear if you have a pacemaker or have been advised not to wear magnets by a proffesional .

    If you are not happy with your product you can return it within 14 days a full refund or exchange will be given to the same value as long as there are no damages. I will not cover the return charges on postage.

    All my products are handmade and may slightly differ from the ones in the pictures but I will always try my best to keep them as the ones displayed

    I hope you enjoy your product!

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