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Shungite may help with -


  • Shielding from harmful electromagnetic frequency's from cell phones, computers and wifi etc including 5g, 4g and 3g !
  • Protection against negative energies and good for psychic protection
  • Evolving spiritually
  • Healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual
  • Growth and transformation
  • Increasing personal power
  • Clearing and balancing the aura and chakras
  • Grounding energies to the earth
  • Boosting energy
  • Increasing personal power
  • Restores emotional balance and you will feel a lot more positive



Garnet may help with


  • Cleansing and re-energising all chakras
  • Purifying and balancing energy
  • Alleviate emotional disharmony
  • Courage, confidence and hope
  • Blood circulation and metabolism
  • Serenity and passion
  • Heal emotional wounds and great for depression
  • Luck, success and goals

(8) Elite Shungite and Garnet ! (Ultimate grounding and Protection)

£45,00 Редовна цена
£39,00Продажна цена
Изчерпано количество
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