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Elite Shungite, Magnetite, Peridot !


In today's interconnected digital era, the Vortex Pendant emerges as a beacon of life force energy. Intricately designed with three sphere magnets nested within a conductor coil of pure copper, this pendant is a testament to both artistry and function. Its primary aim? To realign and rejuvenate the human body's biomagnetic aura, counteracting the disturbances caused by ubiquitous wireless technologies.

We live in a world saturated with wireless technology, from our devices to invisible WiFi waves.


These electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) continuously interact with our bioenergetic field. Over time, the constant exposure to EM radiation and EMF pollution leads to an array of health outcomes - from the palpable energy depletion and mental haziness to more subtle symptoms like allergies and sleep disturbances.


The Vortex Pendant is more than just a shield against EMF exposure. Embedded within are handpicked, well-sourced healing crystals, each radiating its unique vibrational qualities. These gemstones don't just adorn the pendant; they infuse it with their distinctive healing vibrations, providing both protection and energy harmonization. For those curious about each stone's attributes, detailed crystal characteristics can be found below.


I often share with customers a simple truth: our instincts guide us towards what resonates best with our spirit. When choosing a pendant, trust your intuition. More often than not, you'll find yourself gravitating towards the pendant infused with the very healing frequency you need. However, the decision is ultimately yours.


Should you need guidance or have questions about the Vortex Pendant's potential benefits or any other concerns, our online support is available. Don't hesitate to reach out through live communication; we're here to assist and ensure you make the choice that's right for you.


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  • EMF Protection
  • Grounding
  • Increasing strength and vitality
  • Calming the mind and brining about peace
  • Bringing happiness and warmth 
  • Increasing strength and reducing anxiety 
  • Protection against negative emotions!
  • Releasing negativity and bringing about positive thoughts
  • Breathing issues
  • Alleviating anger, fear, depression, nervousness, anxiety, and jealousy
  • Openness of mind, good sleep, relaxation and comfort to people
  • They are the stone of love and are known to foster love
  • Improvement in health and spirituality
  • Manifesting money and many other good things in your life



EMF Protection, Breathing, Positivity, Strength and Vitality!

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