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Top Quality Elite noble shungite!


Water Purfication

EMF Protection 


Upon arrival please give these a clean and charge them in the Sun for additional benefits !


These stones are for water purification, just add these to your water and prferably a water dispenser with a tap. You can find these on ebay or amazon very cheap if yu do not own one allready and find a glass one too as you do no want plastics in your water.


This stone is amazing for cleansing and also structuring you water, you will notice that you tend to be more hydrated an energised when drinking this water.


You must be very dedicated and serious about improving your overall health and wellbeing. You may want to look at how the heavy metal detox can benefit you and change your life in so many ways. This is great for purification of the mind, body and soul . Click here to read how and why this is crucial right now and also save £50 on your first heavy metal detox kit  !


Shungite 25gram bag, Water Purification !

18,00£ Regularna cena
14,40£Cena Rabatowa
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